Isabel Apodaca, a local author, is booking Free School Assemblies to Southern California elementary schools.

Isabel will come to your school and present her book, Mr. Worm, Señor Gusano to the student body. She will also share the adventures of being an author and storyteller.

This event will motivate and inspire children to read more.

Isabel has presented Mr. Worm Book to many schools, hospitals and other organizations.

  • Monte Vista Elementary School, El Monte
  • Thomas Rivera Elementary School, Riverside
  • Mountain View Elementary School, Riverside
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, East Los Angeles
  • Baldwin Hills Public Library, Los Angeles
  • YWCA Community Event, East Los Angeles
  • Loma Linda Children’s Hospital
  • Primanti Montessori Elementary School, La Habra
  • Peninsula Heritage Early Childhood Center, San Pedro

It is her deep desire that all children become passionate about the world of literature.


”Because your book makes me happy, Mr. Worm seems real.” ~Andrea Gomez , third grade

“When I grow up, I want to be an author like you.” ~Melissa

“I like how you read with all your expressions.” ~Alma

“I like the way you act out the story.” ~Andrea Sigala, sixth grade

“I like the part when Mr. Worm gets wings.” ~Carlos, second grade

“ You have inspired me to read and write my own story.” ~Tony, sixth grade